Redhand Guitar

Against the wall vert cropt

by Evan Yionoulis and Mike Yionoulis
Music and Lyrics by Mike Yionoulis

Starting in the Dustbowl of the 1930’s and ending in a dustbowl of the not-too-distant future, Redhand Guitar tells the story of five generations of American musicians linked by desire, loneliness, and a certain sunbleached guitar with a blood-red handprint on its face.

Music is at its heart.
Protest is in its blood.




The Dread Pirate Project

by Evan Yionoulis

Taking as its springboard the story of the young man recently convicted of being the mastermind behind Silk Road (the illicit eBay of the “dark web”), the Dread Pirate Project explores the nature of identity, the elusive quest for 21st century anonymity, and the deceptively thin membrane between the digital and natural worlds.


Criminal Enterprise scr shot

The Dread Pirate Project was workshopped at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York in June 2017 through a Works-in-Progress grant from the Princess Grace Foundation.




The King Stag

adapted from Carlo Gozzi by Evan Yionoulis, Mike Yionoulis and Catherine Sheehy
Music and Lyrics by Mike Yionoulis

Yale Repertory Theatre 2014
Directed and choreographed by Evan Yionoulis
Musical direction by Mike Yionoulis

Scenic design by Sergio Villegas
Costume design by Camille Assaf
Lighting design by Stephen Strawbridge
Sound design by Sabrina McGuigan